The company has been operating as a General Partnership since 12 September 1989 under the name Th. GARABINAS & Co GP.

The company was established by Theodore Garabinas, who started his business as a dealer-commission agent.

Showing great zeal, Theodore Garabinas managed to represent major companies in Epirus, including Pavlidis SA chocolate factory, ZANAE, Bravo SA, Eureka Hellas Ltd, D.T. Bertzeletos & Bros, etc.

With the substantial support of his wife, Dafnie Garabina, Theodore Garabinas has built an excellent relationship with all customers.

When Theodore Garabinas retired in 2002, the business passed on to his younger son, Christos Garabinas who had finished his studies abroad in business administration (B.Sc. in Business & Technology, MBA in Marketing), and the company was renamed GARABINAS GP.

The company’s partners are the other two siblings: Despina Garabina, with long experience in sales both in local, large chains and wholesale, and Stefanos Garabinas, in IT processes, based on his long experience in computers and programming languages.